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Full Moon Riding- July 2017

If you are looking to get away from the hectic life in the city then this is the best adventure worth trying. Horse riding under Full Moon- this adventure is about one hour desert unique experienced. Get relax and fulfill your desire to set in one of the last great wildernesses left on earth, the Arabian Desert remains the preserve of those who know and can read its changing contours. …Read More

Gymkhana on 13/04/2013

GREAT FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!! The games will be done in teams and the team who wins the most games out of the above, will win over all, there will also be prizes for all the runner ups. Games: 1) Bending race ( going in & out trough cones) 2) Egg & Spoon race (the classic game but with your pony) 3) Sack race (let’s see how fast you …Read More

Full Night Safari

Full Moon Desert Riding Safari The weather is wonderful at the moment! Our horses are waiting for you and our next horse safari with overnight camping. Discover the beautiful dunes from a horse back and the peaceful and striking sunset and moon light. Date:  Friday  25th January  to  Saturday 26th January  2013 Assembly time at the farm:          4:00 pm Dinner at the Farm:             …Read More