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Hippotherapy is therapy made by the sensibility and intelligence of the horses. It is based on the mental and physical relationship between the horses and the rider.

The good thing about the hippotherapy is that the horse moves at a constant pace with the same notion and therefore his actions are predictable.
This allows the rider to easily control the horse as well as have a sense of comfort and security.

Horses are very sensitive which makes it very possible for the horses and the riders to form a relationship.

Hypo therapy can be used with three types of people.

1. The first type of hypo therapy is the most extreme, in which the rider has to start learning about the horse in hopes to build a relationship with it. The rider is introduced to the horse and is shown where and how the horse lives. Then the rider slowly starts to ride. The horse with the instructors help.

2. The second type is teaching therapy where the rider can control his horse with the end goal of improving the body disability.

3. The third type is when the rider is at the stage where he is comfortable with the horse and has achieved autonomy while riding. And therefore begins to set targets in ways the rider can grow and develop.

The mission of Al Dhabi is to enrich the lives of all people through the benefits of horseback riding andother equine-assisted activities regardless of age, ability, and financial background.
Our goal is to foster growth and allow more clients to benefit from Al Dhabi’s services. This allows them to rise above their struggles and make improvements in physical, emotional, and cognitive functions.

The therapeutic horseback riding program at Al Dhabi have a (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International) instructor member facility that serves an array of clients within the following special needs areas such as Developmental Delay, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Muscular Dystrophy and other disabilities.

Benefits of Therapeutic Riding

The benefits of horseback riding for both the able bodied and therapeutic rider are immeasurable.
Studies demonstrate both physical and psychological improvements from riding. Each rider receives a personalized lesson plan based on skill, abilities and goals. We also offer group and private lessons for all ages, and side walkers for riders with specific needs.

Costs of Therapeutic Riding the cost per individual riding session is approximately AED250 per 45mins.

You can also call the Al Dhabi Team at 055 1670188/ 0505 5680080 for booking and inquiries.

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