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Wadi Adventure Riding

Looking for a completely new kind of adventure?

Siji- The Land That Time Forgot

Where the desert meets the mountains, only 85 Kilometres from Dubai lies a little known area called Siji.

This fertile yet craggy valley, or Wadi as it’s called in Arabic, has been home to traditional farming tribes for millennia.

Relying on winter rain fall, ingenious irrigation systems and crystal clear mountain springs, the tribes carved out an agricultural existence. Growing dates and vegetables and tending animals in an undeniably inhospitable terrain and climate.

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Today, although most people have long gone, evidence of their gruelling past lies scattered throughout the hills. Date plantations cover the lower Wadi banks, many still used to this day. Look carefully and the ruins of small thick-walled stone houses can be seen amongst stones, now abandoned to the elements.  However, there are still several small tented sheep farms based in the Wadi.

What will I see?

Where there is water- there is life!

As a year round source of water, the Wadi is literally teeming with wildlife. Along the banks, look out for the many species of indigenous: reptiles, birds, insects and rodents. The pools formed by the crystal clear spring water are home to frogs and various species of fish.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also see the herds of wild donkeys which live in the wadi too!

How does it work?

After arriving at our relaxed mountain camp enjoy a tea, coffee or mineral water, while you make friends with the rest of your adventure group. Once we have kitted you out in hat and chaps (leather leg protectors) it’s time to meet your steed.

The ride will take you from the mountain camp to the base of the wadi, from here you explore through the riverbed climbing as you go. As the terrain is stony and tough, be aware this is not a fast ride, we primarily walk. However, this makes the trek ideal for all levels of rider, from those who have experience to complete beginners.


The Essentials

  • Siji is approximately 85kilometres from Dubai.
  • It is not easy to locate as it’s in the mountains, therefore we recommend you drive yourself or use one of our dedicated Land Cruisers (prices on request)
  • Ride duration is 3 to 4 hours
  • This ride perfect for beginners, however it is advised you have some level of fitness, as riding for long periods can be tiring.
  • Overnight stays can be arranged in the lodges, call for more details.

Book Now for Overnight Camping plus Horse Riding

Horse Riding Adventure plus Overnight Camp
Price: AED 800
For more information contact: Noemi on: +971 (0)55 167 0188
Or email: sales@dubaicitystables.com